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Hammingweight's Projects

This site contains links to Java ME (J2ME) programs written or contributed to by the pseudonymous Ernest Hammingweight.


Anthraxx is a version of Ataxx, a board game for two players. The program has ten levels of difficulty.


Hammock, or Hammingweight Mock Objects, is a mock object framework for J2ME. It can be used with J2ME test frameworks like JMUnit. Mock objects for many of the network and UI classes in J2ME are provided. A utility, HammockMaker, can be used to create mocks for other classes and interfaces.


ObjectStreams is a serialization and persistence library for Java ME. It provides SerializableOutputStream and SerializableInputStream classes for serializing and deserializing objects. A Persistence class extends Hashtable and overrides the put and get methods to store objects persistently.


JMUnit is a unit-test framework for Java ME based on JUnit created by Bruno Silva. I extended and fixed a couple of bugs in JMUnit 1.0. Most notably JMUnit 1.1 allowed test failures to be viewed on real devices and allowed for hierarchical test suites. JMUnit 1.2 included Ant tasks for integrating JMUnit into a continuous build.