Package jmunit.framework.cldc11

Interface Summary
PerformanceMeasurement The PerformanceMeasurement interface is implemented by classes that want to monitor the performance of a test class.
TestListener The TestListener interface defines methods that a class that wants to know the results of a test must implement.

Class Summary
Assertion The root class for the test classes tree.
ConsoleListener The ConsoleListener class listens to test results and writes any failures and errors to the console.
ExceptionList The ExceptionList class displays errors and failures reported to a GuiListener.
GuiListener The GuiListener class displays the results of running a test as a green/red bar together with the number of tests, failures and errors and the running time.
JMUnit A framework's utility class.
MemoryMeasurement The MemoryMeasurement class monitors how much memory is used by a test.
Screen The purpose of this class is generate all the framework's interface.
Test The Test is a abstract class that has the main implementation to create a executing test class or a utility class to execute others.
TestCase The principal class in the framework.
TestResult The TestResult class collects test results and relays them to TestListeners.
TestRunner The TestRunner class runs a test immediately on launching of a MIDlet.
TestSuite The TestSuite class is responsible for execute many TestCases.
TimedMeasurement The TimedMeasurement class monitors the running time of a test.

Exception Summary
AssertionFailedException A sub-class of RuntimeException used by the framework to manage a fail in a assertion.